Definition: A terrorist attack has occurred or credible and corroborated intelligence indicates that one is imminent. Normally, this threat condition is declared for a specific location or critical facility.
In addition to all previously mentioned precautions, citizens are advised to:

  • Report suspicious activities and call 9-1-1 for immediate response.
  • Expect delays, searches of purses and bags, and restricted access to public buildings.
  • Expect traffic delays and restrictions.
  • Take personal security precautions to avoid becoming a victim of crime or terrorist attack.
  • Avoid crowded public areas and gatherings.
  • Do not travel into areas affected by the attack or is an expected terrorist target.
  • Keep emergency supplies accessible and automobile fuel tank full.
  • Be prepared to evacuate your home or shelter in place on order of local authorities.
  • Be suspicious of persons taking photographs of critical facilities, asking detailed questions about physical security or dressed inappropriately for weather conditions (suicide bomber). Report these incidents immediately to law enforcement.
  • Closely monitor news reports and Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio/TV stations.
  • Assist neighbors who may need help.
  • Avoid passing unsubstantiated information and rumors.