Closing and delayed opening decisions are typically made by 6am. The area radio and television stations listed below are notified with the most current closing or delayed opening/early dismissal information. In addition, the status of the division's schools (regular schedule, delayed opening, closed due to weather, etc.) can be found on the main page of this website ( ). Interested persons can also subscribe for e-mail announcements concerning changes in the school calendar and schedule; registration information can be found on the main page of this website ( ).


WTVR Channel 6 - Richmond

WRIC Channel 8 - Richmond

WWBT NBC 12 - Richmond

WVIR-TV Channel 29 - Charlottesville

WCAV CBS19 - Charlottesville

CVAW ABC16 - Charlottesville

WAHU Fox 27 - Charlottesville


WRVA Q94 - Richmond

WRXL 102.1fm - Richmond

WRNL 910am - Richmond

WCVE 88.9fm - Richmond

WINA 1070am - Charlottesville

WWWV 97.5fm - Charlottesville

WQMZ 95.1fm - Charlottesville

WJMA 103.1fm - Culpeper

WLSA 105.5fm - Louisa

WVAO 102.3fm - Charlottesville

WVSY 101.9fm - Charlottesville

WCYK 99.7fm - Charlottesville

WCHV 1260am - Charlottesville

WKAV 1400am - Charlottesville

WUMX 107.5fm - Charlottesville

WUVA 92.7fm - Charlottesville

WBQB 101.5fm - Fredericksburg

WGRQ 95.9fm - Fredericksburg

WGRX 104.5fm - Fredericksburg

WVTF 89.7fm - Charlottesville

WFLS 93.3fm - Fredericksburg

WKHK 95.3fm - Richmond

WKLR 96.5fm- Richmond

WMXB 103.7fm - Richmond

WDYL 101.1fm - Richmond