About Louisa County Public Schools


Schools:  The school division currently has six schools: 1 high school (9-12), 1 middle school (6-8), and 4 elementary schools (pk-5). The division also has an alternative education center for students at the middle and high school levels. The high school has an extensive Career and Technical Education department and access to a Governor's School. The building of Moss-Nuckols Elementary School, the county's fourth elementary school, was completed for an August 2010 opening. 
Enrollment: Approximately 4,760 students currently attend LCPS schools. 
Accreditation: All of our schools are accredited for 2009 by the Virginia Department of Education, having met or exceeded the standards required on the SOL assessments.

The school division employs approximately 380 teachers. Approximately 44% of our teachers have Master's degrees.  The division strives to maintain a 21:1 student/teacher ratio at the elementary level and a 25:1 student/teacher ratio at the midddle and high school levels. 


In May of 2010, a total of 330 students received their diplomas at Louisa County High School’s seventieth annual commencement service. Approximately 35 percent planned to attend a 4-year college, 32 percent planned to attend a 2-year college, 5 percent have other educational/service plans, 22 percent planned to work and 6 percent planned to enlist in the military. 

Student Demographics: 

Approximately 73% of our student population is White, 21.7% is Black, and 2% is Hispanic. Asian, American Indian, and Native Hawaiian students each make up less than 1% of our student population and 3% of our student population is unspecified.

Approximately 46% of our student population participates in the free/reduced lunch program.

LCPS Budget:  The FY 2010-2011 operations budget is $46.4 million.  The per pupil expenditure for the school year is $9,924.49
School Board:  School Board meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the LCPS Administration Building.  They are open to the public. 






Effective Schools Process:



Louisa County Public Schools utilizes the Effective Schools process where school staff examine school needs and set goals each year. Both at the school level and at the district level, our procedures and processes are continually assessed to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students and our community.

On an annual basis, schools are asked to set school improvement priorities and plans. Copies of the individual school improvement plans are available  for public review at each school and the central administration building.

Areas targeted by the division for improvement are student achievement, safety, communication, and conservation. 

Elementary teachers at the division's elementary schools participated in Teach First staff development.  This program provides teachers the opportunity to become members of "Professional Learning Communities" where they plan reading lessons together, discuss teaching methods and strategies, and share ideas. Advanced history/social science and science classes were added to the LCMS program of studies.

Remediation Programs:

 Students who have not been successful on the state Standards of Learning assessments or who have been identified as needing additional academic assistance are offered a free after-school program led by teachers and geared towards the core academic areas.

At-Risk Preschool Program:

Four year-olds who are identified as being at-risk for academic failure are screened and invited to a free year-long program in basic academic and social skills.


2009-2010 Highlights: 

  • All five schools in the district are fully accredited.
  • LCPS has seen continual progress since 1998 when Standards of Learning testing began. Test scores have risen despite the fact that a different group of students are being tested each time and the SOLs are revised periodically and additional SOL tests have been added over the years.